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Will You Upgrade or Keep iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak?

Apple has finally closed gates for both iOS 9.3.2 and iOS 9.3.3 signing by making recently released iOS 9.3.4 only option for new signers. In that way if you upgrade to latest, it will be time to say goodbye for iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak where you have no way to downgrade jailbreakable iOS 9.3.3 and iOS 9.3.2. So now you have to be extra cautious when deciding to upgrade or keep jailbreak.

iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak

iOS 9.3.4 came on 4th of August as a successor over iOS 9.3.3 which released about two weeks back. With the release note itself Apple has recommended iOS 9.3.4 Download for all iOS users in terms of security improvements. But for jailbreakers the decision should be backed with a lot of concern. Up to now upgrading iOS 9.3.4 and get back iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak was quite simply handled, but now onward there will be no chance for iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak if you upgrade to iOS 9.3.4 as gates are closed for iOS 9.3.2 and iOS 9.3.3. In that way Apple only signing iOS 9.3.4 until another update surf.

Will iOS 9.3.4 Jailbreak Come?

Currently new Pangu download allowed jailbreaking iOS 9.3.3 and four previous versions but for iOS 9.3.4 still there is no acceptable tool. In that way jailbreakers better stay away from latest iOS 9.3.4 as still there is no working option to jailbreak iOS 9.3.4. If not you would be stuck with no jailbreak until Pangu comes with an update.

At the moment iOS 9.3.4 is not recommended for jailbreakers, but there could be a chance to hear Pangu 9.3.4 update if developers going to work with the vulnerabilities. Only days after iOS 9.3.4 announcement developer Luca Todesco was able to make the first hint of iOS 9.3.4 jailbreak possibilities, and then “Team OS” who has followed foot steps of Luca has been clever to post a video demonstrating Cydia install on jailbroken iOS 9.3.4. So this is a great piece of addition to work by Luca which leave us with more hopes on iOS 9.3.4 jailbreak.

Even though Jailbreak iOS 9.3.4 is obvious us, more facts about the vulnerabilities are still remain to developer parties. So it is once again time for a wait keeping hopes on Pangu for another update over Pangu 9.3.3. But still anything cannnot be state for sure as we are not clear whether Pangu will continue in the same foot steps or turn in to bigger Pangu 10 invents. in that way there is only a slim possibility to get a working Pangu 9.3.4 jailbreak.

Will you Upgrade or Keep iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak?

As of this writing iOS 9.3.3 is the latest version which has jailbreak rights, so stay with iOS 9.3.3 if you value keeping all jailbreak powers. If not you are free to download iOS 9.3.4 which comes with security improvements including iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak patches.

Download iOS 9.3.4

iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak was quite buggy at its infancy, but now it has turned into the right track with constant updates Pangu managed over the original. In that way you can use Pangu 9.3.3 Download to jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 devices across 64-bit but in a semi-untethered way where every reboot needs re-operating of Pangu app.

By now you can download Pangu v1.1 which came as an update over Pangu Chinese giving more favorable features to your jailbreak. with that you can have 1-year Beijing enterprise Certificate to your jailbreak as a solution for the jailbreak expiry. So have a stable jailbreak with Pangu English version and have a good time with Cydia 9.3.3.

Even though upgrading to latest iOS versions benefit regular users, jailbreakers have to be extra cautious in such cases. So now those who value iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak will have to stick to that as upgrading iOS 9.3.4 will keep you helpless with no jailbreak.

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How to Jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 With Pangu 9.3.3

The iOS 9.2 and 9.3.3 have now new jailbreak tool released for them which were announced by Pangu. Although unavailable in English at initial stage, the jailbreak tool is now with both Chinese and English Language help to make all happy that waited for Jailbreak iOS 9.3.3. This tutorial is going to show you exactly how the new Pangu jailbreak system for iOS 9.2 and 9.3.3 works, and also how by using them, you can jailbreak the aforementioned systems easily. But we highly recommend you to update iOS 9.3.3 and then turn jailbreak as it is the latest firmware that is jailbreakable too.

Jailbreak iOS 9.3.3

However, keep in mind that since this is a jailbreak procedure that is in the PC Format, you’ll definitely be needing a Windows PC, MacBook or Linux to proceed. Earlier it was Windows-only, but now more can jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 as Windows, Mac and also Linux is compatible. Bear in mind that this jailbreak is designed only for 64-bit iOS devices – hence rendering the iPhone 5 quite out of question. At present there is little certainty as to whether this will change anytime in the future.

What Devices Can Be Jailbroken Using This Tool?

Although the iPhone 5 is not inclusive in the offer, the following devices can be jailbroken using this new Pangu jailbreak tool:

  • iPhone 5s
    iPhone 6
    iPhone 6 Plus
    iPhone 6s
    iPhone 6s Plus
    iPhone SE
    iPod touch 6G
    iPad mini 2
    iPad mini 3
    iPad mini 4
    iPad Air
    iPad Air 2
    iPad Pro

Those who have already employed the new Pangu 9.3.3 jailbreak tool to jailbreak their devices know that this isn’t a permanent thing – that is, that even though you jailbreak your device once, you’ll have to jailbreak it again and follow the same procedure again once you reboot your device – and jailbreak it again every time you reboot your device. However, don’t worry if you’re thinking how much of a bother it will be – it’s not quite as difficult as that!

This tutorial will guide you how to exactly jailbreak your semi-untethered iOS 9.2 or 9.3.3 in an easy step by step guide. The jailbreak will be such as will enable Cydia to work as soon as your device is turned on again.

Important: If you have no specific reason to stick into an older iOS firmware, you are recommended to update to latest, and then jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 as it is the latest firmware with jailbreak rights too

What’s “Tethered” and “Untethered” and “Semi-untethered?”

For those who do not know, a semi-untethered jailbreak is sort of a cross between tethered and untethered jailbreak – that is, you’ll have to go through the procedure again on rebooting your device.

The Pangu Jailbreak-Step Guide

Pangu Download

To reiterate, if you’re in possession of one of the aforementioned devices, have a Winows PC, Mac or Linux  operated machine, and jailbreaking your device is your intent, this is what you need to do:

  • First things first, upgrade your system: Upgrade your iOS to 9.3.3 since it is the latest – not to mention the safest – installment in the list, equipped with the best security measures against bugs and the like; which thus makes it the most jailbreakable firmware. You will therefore be needing to install this
  • Turn off your Find My iPhone and disable your passcode before plugging your device onto your computer using the lightning cable
  • Be sure of the fact that your computer has iTunes already installed in it, so that you can download the Pangu jailbreak tool from there. If it isn’t installed, then you can instead “Trust” your computer with your iOS device, and in turn “Trust” your iOS device with iTunes
  • Download the Pangu Jailbreak tool/ PP Jailbreak tool installer for Windows from iTunes

Download pangu

  • Right Click, then “Run” it as “Administrator”
  • At this point Windows will ask you to “Trust” the Publisher. Go with “Yes”
  • It might also be that Windows will ask you to trust the app for Windows Firewall; if so, then go ahead and “Trust” it with your system
  • After you see the Tool has finished being launched, there will be just one button on the UI – click that to begin the installment of the jailbreaking tool
  • Once finished, you’ll probably notice a new app with the symbols “PP” over it – this is your Pangu jailbreak tool
  • Once again, Right Click and “Run” as “Administrator”
  • The App will require your requirement to run on your PC, go with “Yes” when asked
  • The jailbreak tool will now open and try to interface any iOS that are connected to your system
  • You’ll be required to click on the green button once your iOS device has been detected
  • If this green button is displaying a circle that keeps loading, wait a moment
  • When the tool is ready, you will be asked for your Apple ID. Here’s where we recommend a bit of a gamble – that is, create a phony Apple ID to log into the tool with. We did the same. Once the information has been plugged in, you’ll need to click on the green button to log in
  • After a wait of a few minutes, you’ll see a Pangu/PP app appear on the Homescreen of your iOS device
  • Next, go to your Settings – not the Pangu/PP app, your iPhone’s Settings – and navigate to General > Device Management
  • A Profile will appear here – tap on that. Your “Trust” will be required once more – this time a blue button on your screen, tap that. This blue button will be displaying your email address
  • A prompt will next pop up, yet another “Trust” requirement will be made – this time, a red button, which of course, you’ll have to tap. Once your “Trusted” your device with the app, go to your Homescreen
  • Now, launch the Pangu/PP app that formerly appeared on your Homescreen. You’ll have to “Allow” push notifications – allow them by tapping on the “OK” button
  • You’ll see a circle in the app – tap on it, this will in turn transform it into a line of text
  • Press your Sleep button once – this will lock your device. In a few moments, a notification will appear on your screen
  • You’ll also be notified, in a few minutes via a prompt, that your storage is full. Of course all iPhone users all over the world know this to be perfectly normal: however in this case this is an indicator that Cydia is being installed onto your iOS device – hence a good sign. Once you see Cydia being installed, unlock your device and relaunch the Pangu/PP app
  • Normally your device will reboot automatically at this moment. You’ll see Cydia has successfully installed once it turns back on. Cydia will be present on your Home screen
  • Once you “Launch” Cydia, it will set to work immediately. It will reload all your files and data and will prep up your filesystem as normally happens in case of a reboot

Congratulations, my friends – you are now using a jailbroken iOS 9.2/9.3.3 device!

Cydia 9.3.3

With new Pangu download, you are now open to new Cydia 9.3.3 for an enhanced iOS experience, so tell us your experience with jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 as the trusted Pangu download for the best jailbreak release before iOS 10 comes.

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Pangu jailbreak for iOS 9.3

Pangu Has rolled out iOS 9.1 Jailbreak Tool, the Release of iOS 9.3 Jailbreak is still Missing

The release of ios 9.3 jailbreaks is not yet supported for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch device. Hope for ios 9.3 available presently as soon as possible. Ios 9.3 Update is many users But it will not support a few devices. But so many desires are waiting for a jailbreak to be released soon. And remember these days many fake details here so you have to aware for that. iOS 9.3 has out after months of Beta testing. The update is currently available as a Free for any compatible device which is running iOS 9 series. iOS 9.3 included so many features Like Verizon Wi-Fi calling, Night shift features and much more. At this moment, lots of people waiting for to upgrade their devices to ios 9.3.Finally, iOS 9.3 being officially release for all the Public at the moment. Now you able to upgrade your device using it features, Now All the jailbreak team can now speak more openly about the exploits and the entire jailbreak can start working on iOS 9.3 jailbreak update.


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How long would it be taken to release next jailbreak?

As of now, we only can have jailbreak iOS 9 to iOS 9.1 tools and the entire above ios version that still Unjaiklbroken. How long we have to stay for a next jailbreak solution, I make users is not going to be as long time as we expected earlier. Most of the rumors are saying that Taig and Pangu are working on a Jailbreak tool for iOS 9.3.But if that was the Problem why didn’t any team release above version of iOS 9.1.tthe tool has really fast and stable than the other jailbreak versions. In Fact Of this, Apple has patched some faults for prior versions, therefore it is difficult to Jailbreak for Jailbreakers who need to establish iOS 9.3.If you rest of till release iOS 9.3, you able to get new features that you would expect from the Jailbreaking.

However, next expectation should be an iOS 9.3 Jailbreak soon before iOS 9.2 and 9.2.1. We could not assume exact time .Some reports are mentioning that the jailbreak teams might need some weeks for the experiments the jailbreak tool to make sure that they are willing to release for Public use. Verily we construe with the Pangu. Because I know Pangu has overcome all the Jailbreak teams again to update their new jailbreak Ability. What we would want from a Jailbreak is Bugs and also Security issues. People addicted to Jailbreak their device to fetch a variety of features to upgrade your device. We will keep you recent updated as we learn anything about jailbreak iOS 9.3.

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